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"I believe that the Word of God can work effectively in any person's life that will believe."   Pastor Dr. T. John Dell

Dear Friends,

Thank you for spending some of your precious time viewing our web-site. Since coming to Murrayville Baptist Church in 2001, I have seen God do so many wonderful things in people's lives. I believe that God can and still desires to change the hearts and hopes of people. I thank the Lord for the opportunity in my life to preach the Word of God and pastor His people. I believe that the word of God can work effectively in any person's life that will believe. I also believe that the work of God in a person's life will bring Change, Comfort and a Concern for others. Please contact us or better, come visit us. We at MBC are your servants for Jesus' sake. 

Because of Calvary,

Pastor  Dr T John Dell
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Pastor's Testimony

November 21, 1982 was a good day in my life; God in mercy and by grace saved my soul. I was not a "church going" person at this time of my life, I was a sinner of great degree. BUT GOD saved me, forgave me and that night I walked away from that encounter with Jesus Christ knowing that my life was going to be different from that moment on. A week later my wife asked me what was wrong with me. I told her that God had saved my soul and that OUR life was going to be different. I never could have imagined what was in the mind of God for my life. Soon after my conversion, God began his work of calling me to preach his word. Any assignment beside this would be fine with me because before I was saved, I did not care for preachers at all. BUT GOD convinced me of his calling in my life and I surrendered at an old fashioned camp meeting that I was attending.

In 1988 after some more of the working of God in my life, I founded Bible Baptist Church in my hometown of Waycross, Georgia. God blessed my life to allow me to pastor this church for 13 years. After some more of the working of God in my life, God convinced me to resign this ministry. A few months later, God moved our family to Gainesville, Georgia to pastor Murrayville Baptist Church. I've been pastor of this church since February 2001 and these have been the most rewarding and precious times of my life. I thank the Lord for my family. My precious wife of 36  years has always been by my side. My two sons have taught me the preciousness of FAMILY. My church family has prayed for me and supported me through every trial and every triumph! But most of all I thank my Saviour Jesus Christ for a "life more abundant" than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Lord, thank you family, thank you MBC for everything!        Bro John

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